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Health & Human Services

IBM Healthcare Data Fabric eBook

In this eBook, learn about key drivers and benefits of a Health Data Fabric to improve analytics, interoperability, and increase efficiency and accuracy when managing health data with IBM Cloud …

5 Lessons for More Successful MDM Cloud Migrations

IMT’s experience migrating Master Data Management (MDM) integrated solutions, and the lessons we’ve learned along the way to help you know what to consider when preparing to adopt cloud.

Health Plans & Payers Need MDM for Better Operations and Analytics

IMT solutions for Health Plans & Payers deliver the 360 views of member and providers critical to accurate and efficient claims processing, analytics and member engagement

New Priorities for Provider Data Management

Modern provider data management requires expanded capabilities and collaboration

USCDI: Expand Patient Data Sets For Better Data Exchange & Equity

Why you should start expanding patient demographic data collection right now.

Fact Sheets
IMT Health:iDM For Provider Data Management

Health:iDM for Provider Data Management delivers the robust all-in one platform you need for today’s provider data complexities and opportunities.

Ready to Apply the ProjectUS@ Address Standardization Recommendations?

How to improve address data for better patient matching and data exchange – per ONC Recommendations

Case Study
How a client registry helps HHS identify residents in need of health and social services and decreases enrollment time by 50%.

A State’s Health and Human Services Department seeks to better serve the state’s population by increasing proactive identification and classification of social determinants that can contribute to poor health. To …

Interoperability in a COVID World

Interoperability in the COVID World – it didn’t have to be this way.

Case Study
Client Registry Active Integration Improves Identity Management for Regional Healthcare Services

A Canadian eHealth Client Registry System enabled Active Integration methods so that multiple health sectors can access a jurisdictional single source of truth for client identification and demographics. Leveraging standard …