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IMT Master:IDTM is a next generation, multi-domain Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) built on the IBM InfoSphere MDM software platform and tuned for Healthcare.

With 30+ years of experience and our EMPI in 120+ hospitals, Master:ID provides a proven and trusted solution you know you can rely on.
know your patients

Know your client

Accurate linking and matching capabilities create a 360° view of patients or clients


Privacy by design

Governance, security, access roles, and privacy capabilities second to none

Digital transformation

Digital transformation

Extensive alerts, notifications, and workflows for true collaboration and data impact

Performance efficiency

Performance efficiency

Stewardship tools to master data for high data integrity and stakeholder confidence

We are the most experienced and trusted IBM Business Partner for the IBM InfoSphere MDM platform.
Developed over 15 years with over 100 deployments, Master:ID respects privacy, improves service equality, and gets governance right the first time.
Deployments in health

Deployments in health, human services, education, and government

Integrations to dozens of clinical systems

Integrations to dozens of clinical systems

Fully managed on-premise or cloud offerings

Master:ID Benefits in a Single EHR Strategy

A major East Coast medical center augmented their EHR with Master:ID to eliminate data errors and make data sharing more reliable. They reduced data steward costs by over $2 million dollars and now provide safer, more collaborative care between patients and clinicians upon a foundation that can easily be leveraged for future strategic initiatives.

Our Solutions


Rely on a powerful foundation for analytics on master data composition, task management metrics and stewardship productivity. Insight:ID persists and synchronizes historical tasks and decisions from MDM to an easy to use data repository that can be queried with enterprise reporting tools.


Through the IMT Cloud Centre of Excellence, we can help your team focus on value, not infrastructure. Managed Cloud MDM gives you the dynamic scalability to grow while maintaining cost efficiency by paying for only what you use. IMT was the first to deploy MDM on cloud at scale and is a leader in optimizing deployments for the best availability and resiliency.


Active integration extends your Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) to application screens throughout your organization, bringing trusted data where it’s needed most. By improving enterprise search, you can accelerate the registration process by up to 75%, cut wait times, and reduce data entry errors by up to 77%.


Know your customers by a single, unique, universal identifier that never changes, regardless of where or how they interact with your organization. Overcome the limits of enterprise IDs with persisted IDs that adhere to your business policies. Persisted:ID gives you long-term traceability that enables you to propagate and share meaningful IDs with systems and customers alike.


Proactively analyze how your master data will be affected by data changes or new sources. Whether you’re planning expansion, mergers/acquisitions, platform upgrades, or new fields, our MDM Optimization experts will work with your data experts through an efficient, collaborative process that will improve match accuracy by up to 70% while reducing stewardship tasks.

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