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A Proven next generation 360-view across all government to “Know Your Citizen”



small red arrowStarting a company in Estonia takes 18 minutes. Filing taxes takes 5.

eGovernment saves Estonians 820 years of work every year.

An eGovernment strategy has become an important part of virtually every government whether it be municipal, county, state, provincial, or federal.

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Governments are under
constant pressure to deliver significant cost savings.

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Citizens are increasingly
frustrated with the way
government works.

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Society wants government to be more transparent and reduce service inequality.

Are these demands at odds? Can you innovate while eliminating costs?

Introducing Citizen:ID™

Our Citizen:ID™ solution has been developed over 15 years working with government departments and organizations to deploy over one hundred 360 degree view registries. We create a 360-degree view of a citizen that respects a citizen’s privacy and improves service equality. And we know how to get governance and stewardship right the first time.

Real & Measurable Benefits

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Seeing services provided across government drives better planning

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Knowing an exact population count increases per capita funding

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Countless hour are saved responding to requests for information

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Voter roll accuracy and integrity is substantially improved in real time

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More effective services or programs can be identified for a citizen

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Fraud can be detected and costs recaptured

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Purchases of third-party data has been decreased

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Citizen-centric case management across government departments

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Streamlined digital processes

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Innovative new online digital services

Our citizen 360 view solution – Citizen:ID™ is built on the IBM Infosphere Master Data Management platform that has been the gold standard in creating 360 view solutions for over 20 years. We have successfully deployed over one hundred 360 view registries in healthcare, human services, education, and most recently  eGovernment. Give us a call – our team of experts would love to start a discussion with you.

Citizen:ID™ Common Use Cases

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Enhanced Insights

Improved data linkages (typically 15-25%) greatly enhance analytics & forecasting models resulting in better insights and improved decision making.

Better Insights = Better Services

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Know Your Citizens

A 360° View provides departments a high-quality and trusted source for citizen identity data to enhance their service delivery (e.g. find a vulnerable person, update the voter list, notify another department of wrong benefits).

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No Wrong Door

Citizens have a single place to manage their identity and profile – departments harmonize key processes for clients (e.g. one address change sent to all departments, identification of a better program for the citizen).

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Citizen Centric Services

Service providers are aware they share a client by sharing a need to know profile – services are team-focused on the total needs of the client (e.g. managing a troubled child across health, education, justices & human services).


The IMT Citizen Registry is built on IBM’s InfoSphere Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) infrastructure, which is the foundation for many of the most sensitive and confidential Registries in the world. The IMT Citizen Registry leverages the most accurate, trusted and proven matching and linking engine on the market, the IBM InfoSphere MDM matching algorithm.

Mark Holmes

Mark Holmes, eGovernment Lead

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