Transformation starts with “Know Your Citizen”

Simply put, we offer the most proven and trusted Citizen 360° solution in the industry. Watch our video – Introducing IMT Citizen:ID.

A digital transformation strategy has become vital for every government.



Tough choices demand constant cost savings



Citizens expect quality online experiences



Society wants more transparency & equality

Are these demands at odds?
Can you transform service delivery while eliminating costs?

Introducing Citizen:ID™

Citizen:ID™ is the most proven, trusted, and cost-effective solution to provide a foundation for true government digital transformation.

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  • Enable online services via web & mobile apps
  • Respond to critical requests (FOI, Courts)
  • Find vulnerable persons
  • Provide real-time verification (e.g. eligibility, fraud)
  • Notify other departments of status changes
  • Search & obtain missing data (e.g. addresses, DOB)

“Know Your Citizens”

A secure, trusted, master 360° view of your citizen identities to enhance service delivery.
  • Update the Electors Roll during a DMV registration
  • Allow citizen updates & propagate across government
  • Enforce IM governance of a citizen’s digital ID
  • Leverage a household view of citizens
  • Notify clients of benefits changes & new programs
  • Concierge services to assist in navigating government

“No Wrong Door”

Create exceptional citizen experiences by harmonizing key processes.
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  • Manage at risk children across education, health, justice and social services by providing caseworkers with a minimum shared profile and alerts & notifications
  • Locate & manage disenfranchised populations and provide better supports based on all needs
  • Assemble a real-time comprehensive risk assessment for judges for conditions of release decisions

“Holistic Services”

Create client-focused, team based services by providing need to know information
  • See program usage by citizen across government
  • Identify duplicate services or benefits overlaps
  • Recommend better services for a citizen
  • Determine exact resident count for funding formulas
  • Identify fraud (entitlements, illegal subsidies)
  • Reduce 3rd party data costs for data enrichment

“Enhanced Insights”

Improve resource utilization, planning, budgeting, and program efficacy.
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Citizen:ID is built on the IBM Infosphere Master Data Management platform – the most proven and trusted registry platform in the industry for over 20 years:

know your client

The most accurate linking and matching capabilities in the industry

Know Your Client

privacy by design

Governance, security, access roles, and privacy capabilities second to none.

Privacy By Design

digital transformation

Extensive alerts, notifications, workflow, and REST services

Digital Transformation

stakeholder adoption

Stewardship tools to master data for high data integrity and stakeholder confidence.

Stakeholder Adoption

IBM Gold Business Partner - Expert - Unified Governance & Integrations

With a large and engaged user community, IBM MDM is used by over 800 organizations today with one of the highest Gartner Peer Review scores of 4.6/5.


Developed over 15 years with over 100 deployments, Citizen:ID respects privacy, improves service equality, and gets governance right the first time.