Powerful investigative
analytics & actionable
insights for law enforcement,
intelligence, and justice.

Investigative intelligence software is complex and expensive keeping it out of reach of many agencies – until now.


Leveraging our 20+ years of expertise, we bring the same sophisticated investigative analytics used by the largest agencies in the world to departments & agencies of all sizes.

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“Law Enforcement Analysts typically spend 80% of their time collecting and preparing data. It’s not uncommon for an analyst to say ‘I have no time to analyze.’ The best they can hope to find with traditional search methods are ‘obvious linkages’ (connections they already know). With Intel:ID analysts improve their capacity to evaluate, analyze and disseminate complete and accurate results, which include ‘non-obvious linkages’.”

Manny San Pedro
Vice-President of the South Western Ontario Chapter of IALEIA
MDSP Consulting Services





Missing, inaccurate or conflicting data can compromise investigations and place officers at risk.
Intel:ID provides a completely managed solution for Entity Resolution, Relationship Discovery, and Alerting.


A Single Trusted
Identity – “Who is Who”

Intel:ID analyzes Data from multiple sources, both internal and external, in real time resolving and linking all records that pertain to a single person or entity – even with different identity variations or attempts to obfuscate.


A Network of Relationships – “Who Knows Who”

Intel:ID uses the structured and unstructured data sources to establish a network of relationships between different individuals providing clarity and awareness of non-obvious relationships over multiple degrees of separation.



Intel:ID generates real-time alerts to enable action to be taken on high-value targets, relationships of interest, abuse of identity information, and thresholds exceeded for occurrences of events.

Secure intelligence sharing that enforces governance
and reduces risks of unintended disclosure for:

Law Enforcement

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Intel:ID collects, links, and relates all data freeing up analysts and investigators to gain new insights and discover actionable intelligence.

Fusion Centers

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Intel:ID offers Fusion Centres a new paradigm for the exchange of information and intelligence that enforces governance and reduces risks of unintended disclosure.


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Intel:ID supports compliance agencies with “Know Your Client “requirements providing a 3600 Client View across the enterprise and meaningful real-time alerts for events of interest.

Fully Managed by IMT

Eliminate the need for costly IT support. Use your budget for analysts and outcomes.

IMT offers Intel:ID as a complete, purpose built appliance for Law Enforcement and Integrated Justice.





Simply put, we have redesigned Intel:ID from the ground up to provide the next generation of entity resolution and relationship discovery to agencies of all sizes. Our 20+ years of expertise has taught us that it is not about over-whelming analysts and investigators with dashboards and fancy visualizations but rather it is about putting the right data in front of the right person at the right time and in the right context.

Industry Leading AI Entity Resolution

The first and only real-time AI for Entity Resolution

IMT is a SENZING Partner and uses the SENZING Entity Resolution engine for linking, matching and relating records from multiple RMS and other source systems at scale. The SENZING ER engine “democratizes entity resolution” bringing sophisticated analysis of complex intelligence data within reach of all agencies.

Full Integration with IBM i2
Analyst Notebook

Leveraging the most prevalent notebook in the industry

Intel:ID comes with a comprehensive plug-in for the IBM Security i2 Analyst’s Notebook (ANB). Intel:ID Integration with i2 allows analysts to use their already familiar user interface with Intel:ID and provides additional insights for “who is who” and “who knows who” finding paths between two individuals based on ‘new’ findings not otherwise apparent in incident reports where explicit relationships are already known.

Natural Language Processing

Entity Extraction at Scale

Natural Language Processing for Entity Extraction

With built in Natural Language Processing, Intel:ID crawls through large volumes of unstructured text reports, extracting key entities and relating them to person records. For example, when examining a person of interest, document segments referring to the person or related parties are shown with the ability to access the full document with a single click.

Effective Data Stewardship

Maintain the highest degree of data integrity in your RMS systems

Intel:ID provides tools and reports to identify and resolve duplicate reports and point out potential data integrity errors for resolution. Over 20+ years of projects and lessons-learned we have shown that organizations with an entity resolution solution such as Intel:ID reduce their duplicate record rates from 5-15% to less than 1% while decreasing their overall costs for data records management.

IDC Study Suggests

A “mammoth waste of law enforcement resources trying to transfer information with the provincial Crowns and the judiciary.”

Duplicate records in the RMS would mean the incomplete information is being used to determine whether evidence meets the charging standard.

Could you benefit from Intel:ID?

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