Health:iDM for Provider Data Management

A Trusted, Complete View of Providers to Drive Your Initiatives

Create a comprehensive directory of providers, affiliated organizations, and network information — and the relationships between them — to drive intelligent workflows, data exchange, and analytics for strategic, operational, and regulatory initiatives.

IMT Health:iDMTM for Provider Data Management is built on the Semarchy xDMTM Unified Data Platform and provides the agile and innovative foundation to deliver value to new stakeholders.

Health:iDM for Provider Data Management

Build a foundation for analytics that honors your governance needs across domains

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Establish a single view of each practitioner while maintaining an audit trail that references the data’s lineage

Avoid choke points

Reduce manual updates with flexible, fast integration that propagates the golden view to other systems and enables direct access via active integration

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Deliver consistent, accurate data to patients and referring providers to avoid surprises at the time of visit


Gain enhanced insights into patient and provider relationships, with attribution for analytics or realignment

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Improve provider satisfaction by distributing updates to all departments to ensure processes use only the most current data

Streamlined Processes

Clearly model provider-organization hierarches to reflect both care delivery, contractual, and financial relationships in one place

IMT Health:iDM for Provider
Data Management





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Locations & Orgs


Patient Population

Create a comprehensive view of individual practitioners and data relationships critical to patient care, and quality initiatives









Enrich data with with internal or external reference data (NPPES, State Sanctions, D&B)

Measure data currency and completeness with analytics dashboards and quality checks




Active Search

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Stakeholder Apps

Avoid choke points

API Integration

Enable multi-stakeholder, collaborative workflow for verification, approval, authoring or augmentation

Expand data reach with integration with existing systems or purpose-built intuitive and flexible apps

IMT Health:iDM for Provider Data Management gives your organization the tools to deliver a trusted view of each practitioner for operations, analytics, and trusted data exchange initiatives.


Optimized for Provider Data, with expanded data domains and unique matching algorithms that account for the relationships between patients, organizations, location, and networks


Robust reference data management and enrichment to improve data quality with outside sources such as NPPES, sanctions, specialization taxonomy lists, and address standardization

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Intelligent cross-departmental workflows that support data governance while enabling credentialing, marketing, RCM, IT, provider relations, and other teams to collaborate


A permanent Provider ID that can be shared with downstream operational and analytical systems for aggregate reporting and insights on provider data quality, verification, and more


Expanded access to data for compliance with anti-information blocking and access mandates

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