How a client registry helps HHS identify residents in need of health and social services and decreases enrollment time by 50%.

A State’s Health and Human Services Department seeks to better serve the state’s population by increasing proactive identification and classification of social determinants that can contribute to poor health.

To accomplish this, the state needed a cross-departmental view of each beneficiary to deliver a holistic, proactive approach focused on improving outcomes.

IMT’s Client:ID + an innovative Distributed Stewardship Center for collaborative governance delivers a trusted multi-department view across the different social and health systems administered by the state, while complying with strict privacy data policies.

Download this case study to learn how this HHS department improved client services with a Client Registry.


In this case study, you will learn:

key challenges

Key challenges for HHS Departmental Data that make it difficult to help beneficiaries proactively

client registry

How to use a client registry to identify the right services at the right time

advanced governance

Advanced governance and auditing considerations for cross-departmental personal data