Understand interactions between clients and departments

IMT Justice:ID™ is a proven, next generation, 360° view of a Justice client across Law Enforcement, Courts, Prosecution, Corrections, and Rehabilitation.

IMT Justice:ID leverages the power of master data management (MDM) to help you better understand the interactions between clients, justice and law enforcement departments. With that information, you can facilitate better encounters and handoffs between various departments — improving pre- and post-trial activities.

Justice:ID helps you:
Go beyond paper

Go beyond paper

Digitize the hundreds of forms and documents throughout the process to ensure nothing is left behind.

Overcome Choke Points

Overcome choke points

Reduce time-to-trial costs by overcoming the “choke points” during handoffs between departments.

Integrations to dozens of clinical systems

Reduce case collapse rates

Gain visibility into how judicial time aligns with trial-ready cases, reducing time-to-trial and stays of proceedings.

Lower Duplicate Rates

Lower duplicate rates

Identify duplicate records to resolve identities, aiding investigations and overall case management.

Our Approach

With Justice:ID, agencies and departments can maintain their own systems and only share need-to-know information, privately and securely. Justice:ID is built on IBM InfoSphere MDM and provides the foundation for high-quality linkages and relationships for powerful analytics.

The result? A complete, accurate picture of a suspect or crime that aids investigations.

Justice:ID diagram


Law enforcement information management

Many record management systems are prone to significant errors and duplicates. Justice:ID uses “Gold Standard” algorithms for deterministic and probabilistic linking and matching across systems to improve accuracy of evidence records.

Agency information sharing & interoperability

Agencies typically maintain their own silos of information. Justice:ID enables secure interoperability across agencies and departments to reduce inefficiencies and delays, with case interaction tracking from initial arrest through court judgments.

Strong information governance & stewardship

Inappropriate information disclosure can harm personal safety and trust in the system. Justice:ID helps prevent and detect unauthorized disclosures with data stewardship tools that enforce data governance regulations.

Real-time analytics & decision support

Excessive remand/pre-trial detention raises correctional costs. Justice:ID facilitates multi-agency cooperation to create release plans that improve defendant compliance, reducing the risk of additional charges and remand-to-detention orders.

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