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IMT Client Education provides expert instruction and access to industry leading guidance on Identity Resolution, Master Data Management and Data Governance.

Choose from on-site or remote learning options best suited to your team’s needs.

Innovative & hands-On

Innovative & hands-On

Our hands-on training environments use the AWS Cloud for rapid setup of a realistic training environment with zero effort.

Relevant to Today’s Needs

Relevant to today’s needs

IMT is continually developing new content to educate our clients on emerging technologies and data challenges.

Digital transformation


Expert trainers deliver complex data management concepts in an engaging and easy to understand way that works for all skill levels.

Tailored and Effective

Tailored and effective

Our training materials and exercises are tailored to your specific needs, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced MDM user.

Choose the delivery style that works for
your organization


Onsite instructor led

For new projects and
centralized teams

Performance efficiency

Remote learning

Best for distributed
teams and new hires or
skills refreshers


In project learning

Knowledge transfer and mentoring for project leaders

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