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Law Enforcement Analysts typically spend 80% of the time running queries, collecting and collating data, with the balance of the time formatting and making reports look good. It’s not uncommon for an analyst to say ‘I have no time to analyze’. With Intel:ID analysts improve their capacity to evaluate, analyze and disseminate complete and accurate results, which include ‘non-obvious linkages’.

Manny San Pedro
CEO, MDSP Consulting Services
Vice-President of the South Western Ontario Chapter of IALEIA

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Enabling Integrated Justice

Data grows exponentially and the means of hiding identities are becoming ever more sophisticated. Having incomplete or erroneous information about a person of interest diminishes actionable intelligence and places officers at risk. Our Intel:ID appliance offers quick time to value, reduced cost, improved operational efficiency while getting ALL the data to front line officers to increase officer safety. This integrated approach enhances intelligence sharing, coordination and strategic deployment.

A key challenge for Justice is tracking clients throughout the system of courts, prosecution, corrections, etc.. Disparate systems and identifiers, paper records, and “choke points” increase time-to-trial costs and cause under-utilization of judicial time. Our Justice:ID™ solution facilitates integrated and cooperative Justice initiatives that improve public safety, reduce liability risks faced by departments, reduce unnecessary delays and decrease costs through more effective information sharing between departments and agencies.

Law Enforcement Analysts can spend



of their time running queries, collection data, and formatting reports.

With Intel:ID™ we can give them back that time to analyze.

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