Connecting justice departments through trusted data

A trusted, complete 360° view of justice clients provides a foundation for improving handoffs between Justice departments such as Law Enforcement, Courts, Prosecution, Corrections and Rehabilitation.


Resolve Identities to Streamline Justice

We help law enforcement and justice departments at all levels understand their clients across the entire system, identify relationships between clients and staff, and facilitate smoother encounters and handoffs. The result? A truly integrated justice system that reduces time to trial, cuts costs — and works better for society.

Go beyond paper

Courts use hundreds of different forms and documents to process information through various stages of the system (disclosures, pre-trials, pleadings and evidence, exhibits, rulings, and judgments). IMT can help you move to a digital system that identifies duplicates and streamlines the entire process.

Keep trials on time

Trials get delayed when available judicial time and case readiness don’t align. But with an integrated justice system, all parties have secure access to the details they need to prepare — keeping trials moving and reducing the costs of delays.

Avoid choke points
Avoid choke points

Numerous ‘choke points’ exist within current processes, especially with regard to handoffs between departments. Integrated justice simplifies these handoffs and improves cooperation, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.

Our Approach

We’ll start by analyzing your situation, then tailor a solution that will help you meet your goals. Justice solutions typically include:

Collecting data across law enforcement and justice departments and agencies, allowing real-time updates that ensure the most current information is always available — digitally

Matching data to trusted reference data to improve data quality, integrity, and completeness

Privacy by design that protects your data through appropriate security, access roles, and data governance

Identifying poor data collection processes, measuring the impact of poor data quality — and giving you step-by-step recommendations for improvement

Building the foundation for enhanced insights and analytics that fuel better resource planning and budgeting

Our Solutions


Secure intelligence sharing that enforces governance and reduces risks of unintended disclosure for law enforcement, fusion centers and compliance. Intel:ID collects, links, and relates all data freeing up analysts and investigators to gain new insights and discover actionable intelligence in a cost effective way.


Know your clients across the entire Justice system, understand the relationships between clients and justice staff, and facilitate better management of encounters and handoffs between Justice departments such as Law Enforcement, Courts, Prosecution, Corrections and Rehabilitation.

How We Help

Advisory Services

Our proven methodologies, paired with our expert staff and industry leading tools can help you take your data to the next level. Whether you need help streamlining processes, improving workflows, or managing privacy, we can help your entire organization work more efficiently.

Implementation Services

We provide a full range of implementation services, from helping you create a strategy/roadmap to full deployment and 24×7 support of your solution. And we live by our values: “we deliver — no excuses.”

Managed Services

We work the way you do, combining our proven best practices with the agility to adapt to your needs. Whether on-premise, Cloud, or hybrid, we offer the most comprehensive application management services in the industry.

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