Client Registry Active Integration Improves Identity Management for Regional Healthcare Services

A Canadian eHealth Client Registry System enabled Active Integration methods so that multiple health sectors can access a jurisdictional single source of truth for client identification and demographics.

Leveraging standard integration profiles (HL7v3 + PIX/PDQ) for open systems, and IMT Resolve:ID™ for closed / legacy systems, each health sector is able to interface and obtain accurate client data using the method that best meets system capabilities.

Integration use cases and methods are described in this case study for the following clinical domains:

  • Hospital Registration Systems
  • Physician Office EMRs
  • Regional Pharmacies
  • Drug Information System
  • Continuing Care E.H.R.
  • Insured Health Services Claims Processing

Download this case study to learn how Client Registry Active Integration brings value to the expanded health network.


In this case study, you will learn:

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Benefits of Client Registry Active integration by clinical domain


Overview of Active Integration methods used by clinical system

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Impact on the province’s client data quality and data governance