Health &
Human Services

A client-centric approach to service delivery

Share a trusted and complete 360° view of a client
across all Health & Human Service departments, agencies,
and programs — while respecting privacy and confidentiality.

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Improve Service Delivery
While Reducing Costs

For 20+ years, we have helped Health and Human Services share a trusted view of data across programs and agencies. When everyone works with the same trusted data, you can boost population health efforts and client directives while improving vital records management. The result? Your clients get the services they need — more efficiently and cost-effectively.

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Facilitate a team-based,
client-centric approach

Empower caseworkers to remain in touch and informed about their clients’ interactions across other agencies. Then identify new candidates who are eligible for benefits from inter-agency requests.

Identify service overlaps,
gaps, and waste

Apply analytics to understand services and benefits coverage by population, identify potential gaps, and improve coordination and access. The result? More efficient services that minimize waste.

Reduce time to

Proactively identify residents who are eligible for health and social services, while making it easier for clients to enroll — even cutting application times for new enrollees by 50%.

Our Approach

We’ll start by analyzing your situation, then tailor a solution that will help you meet your goals. HHS solutions typically include:

  • Collecting data across departments and agencies, allowing real-time updates that ensure the most current information is always available
  • Matching client data to trusted reference data to improve data quality, integrity, and completeness
  • Identifying poor data collection processes, measuring the impact of poor data quality — and giving you step-by-step recommendations for improvement
  • Building the foundation for enhanced insights and analytics that fuel better resource planning while aiding community health research efforts for immunizations and drug use interventions
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Our Solution


IMT Client:ID is the trusted, secure Client Registry solution that enhances integrated service delivery across agencies and programs. IMT has optimized Client:ID to seamlessly connect data so you can manage, track, and relate critical HHS client events and directives. Client:ID respects privacy, improves service equality, and gets governance right the first time.

How We Help

Advisory Services

Our proven methodologies, paired with our expert staff and industry leading tools can help you take your data to the next level. Whether you need help streamlining processes, improving workflows, or managing privacy, we can help your entire organization work more efficiently.

Implementation Services

We provide a full range of implementation services, from helping you create a strategy/roadmap to full deployment and 24×7 support of your solution. And we live by our values: “we deliver — no excuses.”

Managed Services

We work the way you do, combining our proven best practices with the agility to adapt to your needs. Whether on-premise, Cloud, or hybrid, we offer the most comprehensive application management services in the industry.

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