A trusted and secure Client Registry solution that enhances integrated service delivery while reducing costs and improving resource planning.


Facilitate a team-based, client-centric approach across all programs and agencies

Streamlined Processes

Reduce the burden on clients to enroll in multiple programs

Notify other programs or benefits managers of changes in address or demographics.


Identify new residents for department benefits

Identify children for Child and Family Services based on State requests for compliance.


Respond efficiently and comprehensively to requests for information (e.g. Directors Office, AG, Law Enforcement)

One HHS department reduced the time to respond to requests from 8 hours to 30 minutes.

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Locate & contact disenfranchised populations faster and more accurately

Case workers now see all address and contact changes from all interactions.

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Quickly assess client’s services & benefits to identify overlaps and recommend changes for the client

Fraud and waste are identified along with the ability to identify more effective programs based on the clients’ complete needs.

Identify new residents for department benefits.

Case Study:  A US State HHS Department uses IMT Client:ID to proactively identify residents in need of health and social services while reducing application time for new enrollments by 50%.

Case Study
HHS department

Manage, track, and relate critical HHS client events and directives

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Population health

Immunizations, Opioids, Screenings, Infectious Diseases

Client Directives
Client directives

Organ Donor Consent, Advance Care Directives, Living Will

Vital Records
Vital records

Legal Identity Changes and Provide notifications

Create a strong foundation for enhanced insights and analytics

Avoid choke points
Social determinants of health

Link and relate key social determinants of health to studies for Medicare and other programs

Policy and planning

Enhance workforce policy and planning and improve budgeting and resource allocations

Provide one standard reference set of client

Proven to improve match rates by up to 25%

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