Know your customers by a single universal identifier that never changes, regardless of where or how they interact with your business.


A permanent lifetime identifier to complement best-in-class entity management


Health Cards

Enrollment IDs

Patient Safety IDs


Account ID access all products (banking, loans, credit)

Social Services
& Government

Case IDs

Voter Cards

Citizen IDs


Loyalty Program IDs

Multi-brand Accounts

Persisted IDs

Adhere to business policies

Always unique

Never change

Long term traceability

generic people icons in a circle all facing another person icon

Enterprise IDs

Owned by MDM

Challenging to propagate

Change over time

Complex change tracking

IMT Persisted:ID and Enterprise IDs give you the best of both worlds for integration and traceability of your most valued data assets.

Propagate and share meaningful IDs with systems and customers with confidence.


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