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Health data migration, integration and analytics optimized for the cloud

The future of healthcare solutions and analytics is cloud driven. The time is now to take advantage of the benefits of cloud for resilience, availability, cost optimization, security and agility. Whether launching new solutions, or migrating current systems, IMT can help you design the best strategy to achieve your goals.

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Spend time on data insights,
not infrastructure

For over 20+ years, we have helped healthcare delivery organizations, HIEs, payers, human services and government entities to create trusted views of data to support operations, analytics and interoperability. You can trust IMT to advise you on how to move that data the cloud, and receive tangible benefits faster, while preserving data privacy and security.

security you can trust
Security you can

Whether launching new analytical systems, migrating current operational systems or archiving legacy systems, IMT will design the right security profile for secure storage, access and integration.

unlock actionable insights
Unlock actionable

Give researchers, clinicians or data analysts access to a data lake containing structured and previously unstructured data unlocked by natural language data extraction and AI capabilities.

reduce infrastructure burden
Reduce infrastructure

Eliminate the worry and expense of upgrading outdated or undersized hardware for upgrade or expansion. Scale on demand and pay only for what you use, or begin your transition by moving non-production environments to the cloud.

Our Approach

We start by analyzing your current environments and future needs, and then prescribe the best cloud, or hybrid deployment options for current or new solutions. IMT creates a tailor-made plan after through analysis of your current state systems and future goals:

Review current system and infrastructure metrics to forecast future infrastructure capacity needs

Identify current environment deficiencies or vulnerabilities that could impact stability, scalability or security for remediation

Design new data ingestion, storage and analysis methods to expand analytical insights and increase data access

Understand and apply jurisdictional and industry specific security and privacy standards

Identify the lowest cost, yet highly secure options for legacy system data archival for data retention

Our Solutions


A cloud data lake solution enables you to increase access to data for meaningful analytics in weeks, not months. Harness structured, unstructured and IoT data for actionable insights with NLP and AI powered data pipelines. Rapidly give physicians and researchers access to data previously locked in EHRs and unstructured documents for better analysis and outcomes.


IMT’s Cloud Center of Excellence will give you practical cloud architecture, security, migration and management advice based on 20+ years of MDM deployments. Achieve dynamic scalability with cost efficiency for any environment and respond quickly to requests for new environments for new projects or upgrades with the flexibility of cloud.


Comply with data retention policies and legislation with a complete set of archived health data. Based on your current needs, IMT will design a trusted, secure data archive for your decommissioned systems at a fraction of the cost to ensure continuity of care, with on-demand access to clinical history that was not migrated to your new system.

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