Next Generation Data Hub for Intelligent Healthcare Data Management

Data accuracy, quality, and reach have never been more important for 21st Century interoperability and outcomes.

IMT Health:iDMTM is built on the Semarchy xDMTM Unified Data Platform and provides the agile and innovative foundation to deliver value to new stakeholders.


Health:iDM provides features and benefits simply not found in today’s EMPI offerings:

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Optimized for healthcare data and the most common and critical data issues that can impact patient safety, experience, revenue cycle management, and engagement.

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Multi-Vector data hub supports unique implementation styles by domain or within the same domain to support both operational and analytical use cases.

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Single solution for enterprise data modeling and management, matching, analytics, workflows and custom reports and applications.


Robust Reference Data Management or enrichment and improved matching using public or subscription data sources.

HealthIDM built on Semarchy unified data platform

Learn why IMT selected
Semarchy xDM

How do you innovate, enhance experiences, and improve outcomes – while maintaining compliance, interoperability, and operational excellence?

Legacy Enterprise Master Patient (EMPI) applications were never designed to meet the breadth of today’s challenges and opportunities.

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With Health:iDM, new stakeholders benefit from the power of a shared, agile, and integrated data framework.

CFOs maximize the value of care
providers and programs

CMIOs support population health and
patient engagement initiatives

Compliance Officers ensure consent
and other directives are managed

Member Services enhance the client
experience and preferences

CDOs leverage highly curated master data
for analytics and decision making

CIOs meet service level agreements
and enhance operational excellence

Expand the reach of high-quality data to support critical initiatives

Develop stakeholder focused applications, workflows and dashboards in hours as new needs arise and evolve.

Configure stakeholder focused applications – no coding needed – and easily iterate with agile tooling and robust utilities.

Profile and clean new source data before loading to the hub to maintain optimal data quality.

Confidently share a universal identifier that will not change over time for better analytics and to deliver a consistent patient experience.



Average savings from
migration to Semarchy from
Traditional EMPI/MDM

IMT’s QuickStart Assessment will provide you with these strategic decision making tools:

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Understand how data linkages are preserved in Health:iDM

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Calculate Potential ROI

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Quantify future value to your stakeholders

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Plan roadmap for intelligent data management

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Our 1-2 week QuickStart engagement process allows you to see your data in the new Health:iDM data hub to ensure your investment in your data to date is preserved.

Your ROI analysis provides a roadmap to understand and communicate the benefits and returns for your next generation intelligent health data hub.

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