How IMT MDM Managed Services on AWS Can Optimize Your Operations

How many applications and platforms does your IT team currently support?

For a midsized hospital with 20 IT staffers, that small team may be managing or supporting up to 150 different technologies, including everything from your EHR and imaging software to crucial business operations, like email. At that volume, they simply can’t keep up to date on all the best practices for managing every single technology.

That’s why Black Book reports that 84% of healthcare CIOs saw increased efficiencies and reduced costs when they outsourced some of their digitization initiatives. The same survey notes that 73% of CIOs who have begun to outsource part of their IT did so because of fierce competition for the right staff. They simply could not find — or afford to pay for — highly experienced staff with the right training.

We have heard similar challenges from our own clients. As last fall’s client survey confirmed, they’re being tasked with doing more than ever, often with smaller budgets.

Now, IMT’s MDM AMS Support on AWS can help ease that burden. Our IMT AWS Cloud Center of Excellence has a team of AWS Certified Cloud Practitioners, Architects, Operations, & Cloud Economics Specialists, ready to take on the hard work of migrating and maintaining your MDM application so you can access the full benefits of the Cloud, including:

  • 31% average infrastructure savings
  • 62% increase in efficiency
  • 69% reduction in unplanned downtime
  • Greater security against hacks and threats
  • Improved operational excellence and agility

We know that different clients have different needs. As with our MDM deployments, we work with you at every step to devise and implement the right architecture for your organization. That customization extends into maintenance and support, too. Our support levels range from fully managed support through break-fix options for more experienced teams.

Let us help you free up your team’s time for other priorities, such as the ones that drive revenue.

Platinum: MDM Application + AWS Monitoring and Management

With our Platinum support tier, IMT fully manages your entire MDM and Cloud deployments. Our team will monitor and manage your infrastructure, security, networking, databases, and production MDM operations. Platinum support includes:

  • 24×7 production environment support
  • Full backup and recovery
  • Proactive application and database patching
  • Extensive health checks and infrastructure monitoring
  • Advice from our SME team

Gold: MDM Application + AWS Monitoring

Perhaps you already host and manage applications in AWS and have the in-house skills to manage the infrastructure. Our MDM-focused AMS monitoring and maintenance will add the expertise you need to take your infrastructure to the next level. Gold support includes:

  • Proactive monitoring to identify and collaboratively resolve issues
  • 24×7 Severity 1 Response
  • Recommended application patches for both MDM and AWS
  • Facilitated troubleshooting and resolution with IBM
  • Detailed reports and dashboards

Silver: MDM Application Monitoring

If you already manage your own Cloud deployment, let IMT handle the MDM side of it — after all, that’s where our 20+ years of expertise shines best. Silver support includes:

  • Single point of contact for all MDM issues
  • Proactive monitoring to identify issues
  • Recommended MDM application patches
  • Facilitated troubleshooting and resolution with IBM
  • Basic reports on MDM system health

Bronze: MDM Application Break-Fix

Maybe all you need is a bit of MDM expertise while you retain full management of your platform. If so, the Bronze level could be ideal. It includes:

  • Assistance with resolving issues for MDM and IMT-developed components
  • Access to MDM experts

Learn more about what’s included with each tier of support, or get in touch to discuss which level of support is right for your team.

To learn more about AWS cloud security and IMT application to your MDM environment, please attend our webinar on Thursday April 22nd – Start Planning Your Migration to AWS. 

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