How IMT and AWS Protect Your Data In The Cloud

It seems like every day, there’s another headline about security breaches. In Q4-2019 alone, ransomware attacks on healthcare providers grew by 350%.

That’s one of the best reasons to migrate to the Cloud. Rather than making security one of dozens of other tasks on your IT team’s overcrowded plate, you can entrust your security to a team dedicated to protecting your applications.

Keeping cloud-hosted applications secure is a shared responsibility between IMT, AWS and the client.  When you work with the IMT AWS Cloud Center of Excellence, you get the benefits of a full team educated on the latest security best practices, with the time, tools, and know-how to relieve your risks and operational burden.

With our deep expertise in healthcare, we implement HIPAA-ready AWS environments built on leading-edge AWS tooling. That ensures you inherit the most comprehensive security and compliance controls that are designed to meet the highest standards. We’ll even help you scale securely, with the visibility and control you need.

HIPAA-Ready Architecture

IMT brings decades of experience helping clients across the private healthcare and provincial health landscapes protect their master data. That experience helps us protect your most sensitive health information to comply with federal, state, provincial, and territorial healthcare data privacy and protection regulations, such as HIPAA.

AWS’s risk management program is aligned with FedRAMP and NIST-800-53 security standards, which provides on-demand access to third-party audit reports and offers best practices and compliance resources on securely running workloads.

The resulting architecture inherits the most comprehensive security and compliance controls to specifically address authentication, authorization, auditing, and encryption requirements.

Transparent Security Management and Awareness

We take a multi-pronged approach to ensure your health data is secure which includes logging and continuous monitoring.  We also manage identities, access, certificates, and passwords, so you can be confident that only authorized users can view or access the data. On principle, we minimize privilege for both system components and users to err on the side of data protection.

Emergency and Contingency Planning

Read the headlines and you know that even a “once a century” disaster is no longer unimaginable. That’s why we design architectures that minimize single points of failure, then build a comprehensive backup and recovery plan in case the worst should happen. Automated backups minimize data loss and offer peace of mind, as does automated scaling to ensure you have the capacity you need when you need it.

Proactive Platform Security and Vulnerability Management

All data is encrypted both in motion and at rest, with a suite of audit and data integrity controls to monitor for abnormal behavior. Our scans and assessments stay ahead of potential threats and we deploy a containment and correction processes to mitigate the damage and keep your data safe.

To learn more about AWS cloud security and IMT application to your MDM environment, please attend our webinar on Thursday April 22nd – Start Planning Your Migration to AWS. 

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