The Many Advantages of MDM on AWS

August 4, 2020
John Wieler, VP of Business Development

“Moving to Cloud” is becoming more and more common. Many of our MDM customers have or are considering a move to Cloud for reasons like enhanced security, cost containment, and skill focus. While many customers simply want to “Lift and Shift” their MDM solutions (which we can help you with, and is a great approach to AWS), I want to briefly talk about some other advantages of using AWS (Amazon Web Services):

  • Pay for instances only when you need them. Even if you aren’t ready to give up your data center wholesale, you can gain a lot of advantages by moving non-production instances (i.e. Dev and Test) onto AWS. Then, instead of having fully dedicated hardware for those instances that you may only need once in a while, you can simply turn them on in AWS as needed – and only pay for them when you use them. This gives you tremendous flexibility, especially when you consider that turning on a new test environment takes just a few minutes, compared to the long process to procure new hardware or VM instances. Turn it on when you need it, turn it off when you don’t, and save time, money, and headaches.
  • Manage performance and availability without the hassle or expense. Getting “5 nines” of availability in your data center is hard to do and can be very expensive because of the amount of infrastructure required to support failover, multiple data center facilities, redundant networking, and so on. Because AWS already has it all figured out, servers, databases, networking, and physical facilities already fully support high availability and redundancy.
  • Scale correctly, even at peak demand. We at IMT have configured MDM itself to take advantage of the AWS redundancy and availability, so you can “Scale Up” and “Scale Back” on demand, without having expensive hardware just sitting around waiting for peak demand. Don’t overbuy! Let AWS and IMT scale you correctly.
  • Experiment and innovate without the commitment. AWS makes it easy to extend solutions by using AWS native services, without making any long-term commitment. From simple operational tasks, like saving and cycling your log files in AWS Glacier storage, to more sophisticated extensions that use AWS integration, AI, and Analytics functions to enhance your operations with MDM data, there are a lot of opportunities to “try things out” without making a large financial or technical investments. The AWS pay-as-you go model and extensive array of native services let you innovate more quickly and easily, and our extensive MDM experience will add value to your MDM data and operations that you never thought possible.

Maybe putting MDM on AWS sounds complex and intimidating, but with the combination of IMT MDM expertise and AWS infrastructure, you can start to quickly realize the advantages and savings of moving your MDM solution to the cloud. See how IMT Master:ID Cloud offers the flexibility and expertise you need to take advantage of MDM on AWS.