Essential Intelligent Governance and Stewardship for Healthcare Data

Data governance is more complex than ever before, and the stakes are growing — especially in healthcare. As organizations use data from a growing array of sources, careful data governance must ensure that only approved teams have access. 

COVID-19 highlighted these challenges, as organizations suddenly had to integrate test results and report them to public health authorities. Vaccinations are following a similar process.

That’s why we asked Lorraine Fernandes, President of the International Federation of Health Information Management Associations (IFHIMA) and Deanna Nole, IMT Director of Solutions & Marketing, to join us for our second episode of the Semarchy-IMT podcast.

In this episode – Healthcare Essentials: Intelligent Data Governance and Stewardship, they discuss how healthcare organizations can prioritize data quality and governance while managing new data sources and data sharing demands.

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Key takeaways & resources:

  • Propagating poor data can have immense downstream effects — so it’s essential to use data discovery and profiling capabilities right from the start. Measuring data quality against your existing KPIs can help you identify potential issues before they snowball.
  • Intelligent cross-department workflows can apply the right rules while accounting for your existing data governance’s user- and role-specific authorizations. After all, each set of stakeholders care about different domains and use cases. (We call this MultiVector MDM.)
  • Semarchy’s Intelligent Data Hub can give you the data governance, quality, and enrichment framework you need to measure and manage your data as you bring on new sources.

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