MDM Optimization

Your master data is dynamic and your data sources are changing and expanding. MDM Optimization will proactively analyze the impact of new data sources and growing data volumes on your master data accuracy.

MDM Optimization

IMT’s MDM Optimization applies over 20 years of implementation knowledge and proven best practices to deliver immediate results.

Our expert team works with your data experts in an efficient and collaborative process to ensure improved match accuracy and reduced stewardship effort.

This interactive and iterative process examines the quality and composition of record matches to establish more precise task management and linkages for the data in your environment. By improving MDM’s ability to automatically match/link records, future task volume and manual resolution efforts are significantly reduced.

Proactively analyze the impact of data changes and new sources on your master data

New Sources

New sources

Geographic Expansion


Data Composition Changes

Data composition

MDM Optimization Reduces Task Volumes for Large US Healthcare System

A large US healthcare organization with more than 150 hospitals and 2000 care delivery sites improved match accuracy and reduced task volumes by  62% for a highly integrated, high volume EMPI with IMT’s MDM Optimization Services.  Learn more about how IMT performed thorough analysis against real data to measure the benefits and impact of optimization prior to implementation.

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How It Works

Proven statistical techniques are applied against automated and clerical review thresholds.


Business and technical users evaluate pair-wise comparisons generated from pattern analysis of new and existing weights and algorithms.

New thresholds leverage past stewardship decisions to reduce current and future task volumes.


Assess the impact of new data sources to mitigate false positives before data is loaded.

IMT MDM Optimization Enables Your
MDM Program to be
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Recommends adjustments to false positive filters, weights, and thresholds

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Decreases the chance of human errors and increases quality of decisions

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Leverages historical data resolution outcomes from stewards for future decisions

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Know why and how a task was generated for future auditing or research


Takes advantage of new standardization and comparison functions for enhanced match accuracy


Recommends auto-resolution of tasks based on analysis of existing outcomes

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