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IMT Resolve:ID™ enables “Active Registration”, a solution that puts the power of your EMPI search at every point of registration without replacing your existing applications. The result – faster registration and reduced data errors.



We reduced data quality errors by 77% by simply putting the EMPI search at every point of registration.



Eliminate patient registration challenges.

One thing we’ve learned in the last 20 years is that healthcare information management staff understand how important it is to identify the right patient at the point of registration – and they know the downstream costs if you don’t. Healthcare staff often rely on legacy systems they know and love, but these don’t integrate with new technology like an EMPI . Resolve: ID™ allows you to maintain your legacy registration systems, reduce change management, and still gain the benefits of tapping into Enterprise-level data.

Front line staff with direct contact with your patients can either create a positive interaction or cause questions to be raised throughout the patient cycle of care.

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So what does RESOLVE:ID™ do?

Simply put, we put the powerful EMPI Search on your legacy registration screen. Resolve:ID wraps your legacy registration screen with an invisible layer, where we can add buttons and hot-keys. Most often, Resolve:ID is used to look up a Patient during registration. Instead of only searching the local database, Resolve:ID offers a button, hot-key, or palm scan to search the EMPI instead. If the patient has a record in the local system, that record is called up. If the patient does not have a local record, but does have a record from another source, Resolve:ID can “seed” a new local record with what the EMPI knows. Finally, if the Patient is not known at all, the search criteria can be used to start a new record.

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Enterprise Search

Why look for a patient in just one system, when you can for them across the enterprise.

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Accelerated Registration

Patient registration runs faster and smoother when you have a single tool that you can trust.

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Seed New Records

Using known records from other systems reduces data entry mistakes and saves time.


Olmsted Case Study

“Active Registration with Resolve:ID has sped up our registration processes By 75% and reduced our data quality issues By 77%.”

Michelle Majerus, Olmsted Medical Center
Director Of Health Information Management & Information Privacy Officer


Eliminate Patient Registration Challenges

No matter the challenge or what is driving the change there are constants that will direct your technology needs and the corresponding investments. The constants are your patients and your staff. Your staff, especially those with front line and direct contact with your patients, can either create a positive interaction or cause questions to be raised throughout the patient cycle of care.

The entire process hinges on the accuracy of patient records, ease of registration, and management of patient records throughout your organization. You need to be confidence that your records are accurate and that your processes allow staff to focus on patient-centric care and not simply administrative tasks.

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Eliminate Duplicates

Stop duplicate records
before they exist.

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Leverage Biometrics

Available palm scanner integration.

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Reduce Wait Times

Make patients happy with faster registration.

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Minimize Change

Keep existing point-of-service applications.

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