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IMT Master:ID is a next generation, multi-domain Enterprise Master Person Index (EMPI) built on the IBM Master Data Management software platform and tuned for Healthcare.

An Industry
Proven Solution

With 20+ years of experience and our EMPI in 120+ hospitals, Master:ID provides a PROVEN AND TRUSTED solution you know you can rely on.

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Data is now a critical tool to improve clinical outcomes through patient engagement.

Your data quality matters now more than ever. Successful patient engagement requires complete and accurate data from Master:ID.

Driving Effective
Patient Engagement

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Strongest identity management for patients, providers, organizations and locations.

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Strongest Enterprise Consent Management for privacy, research, treatment and directives.

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Strongest integration with patient points of contact with Resolve:ID and OQM.

MASTER:ID has been proven to result in:




Data Quality


in Data

Here’s How:

cutting edge

Enhances registration, lab and imaging ordering & scheduling

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Enrich your EMPI and see the data lineage of where reference data came from


Support for all Health Standards – HL7, I.H.E., FHIR, APPC, GDPR

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Create new processes to enhance the patient experience and streamline costs.

  • Patients without means to manage their healthcare incur costs up to 21% more than those highly engaged. – BPC 2019
  • 42% of CIOs said patient matching was a key focus area with 24% reporting it is not currently a top priority but it should be. – EHR Intelligence
  • Healthcare data doubles every 73 days. – Google
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IMT INSIGHT:ID is a powerful data analytics and reporting solution that can be used with our dashboard or your favorite report tool.

IMT INSIGHT:ID provides the foundation for future machine learning and complex data science analytics to take you into the next decade.


Master:ID Benefits in
a Single EHR Strategy

A major East Coast medical center augmented their EHR with Master:ID to eliminate data errors and make data sharing more reliable. They reduced data steward costs by over $2 million dollars and now provide safer, more collaborative care between patients and clinicians upon a foundation that can easily be leveraged for future strategic initiatives.

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A Cloud Partner you can TRUST with skills that remain with you

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IMT was the first to deploy IBM MDM as an EMPI on Cloud and at scale

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The broadest range of cloud services and license options allowing you to scale on demand.

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IMT provides the most trusted and proven Managed Services in the industry


Built on the IBM Master Data Management platform – the most proven registry platform in the industry for over 20 years.

IBM Gold Business Partner - Expert - Unified Governance & Integrations

With a large and engaged user community, IBM MDM is used by over 300 healthcare organizations today with one of the highest Gartner Peer Review scores of 4.6/5.

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