Webinar Replay: Data Governance Strategies for Protecting Sensitive Data

Keeping your healthcare data safe takes extra data governance, especially now. As the healthcare master data management landscape changes, the stakes are rising, with:

  • Evolving and emerging data protection regulations
  • Rising costs and consequences of healthcare data breaches
  • Broad distribution of remote workers due to COVID-19
  • Increased data sharing across health systems for telehealth and COVID-19 reporting

Last week, Data Sentinel co-founders Mark Rowan and Kevin Downey joined IMT’s Corrine Blair for a short webinar to explore data governance strategies for sensitive data handling. Together, they reviewed the tools and best practices essential to reduce risk and limit your exposure. Watch the replay to see how to:

  • Locate where sensitive information exists across your data ecosystem
  • Understand your organization’s sensitive data risk profile
  • Identify who has access to that data, how it’s being shared, and when
  • Consider approaches for policy management, active data governance and remediation

Need help creating or refreshing your own data governance strategy to reflect the new reality? Our IMT experts can help by bringing a fresh set of eyes and industry-leading best practices. Get in touch to get started.