Can A Data Fabric Improve Health Data Quality?

For more than thirty years, IMT has been a trusted collaborator, supporting organizations in navigating the complex terrain of healthcare data management. As we embark on this insightful journey, we will explore the evolving healthcare landscape where data has grown to an indispensable asset. In an era where seamless data integration and the efficient, precise sharing of patient information across multiple systems and departments are of paramount importance, we are here to provide you with valuable solutions.

The Data Management Dilemma in Healthcare

  • Data in different formats, structures, and sources– Healthcare organizations rely on the seamless flow of information between systems and providers. When data is not in a standardized format, interoperability becomes a major challenge. This can lead to delays in accessing critical patient information and can impact the quality of care.
  • Disparate Systems- Data duplicates are a common problem in healthcare when information is stored in multiple systems. Disparate systems also can lead to fragmented patient information. Healthcare providers need a holistic view of a patient’s medical history to make an informed decision.
  • Silos hindering collaboration- Maintaining data in silos requires duplicate data entry and manual coordination between systems, which is time-consuming and error-prone. This administrative burden reduces operation efficiency and increases costs.

Modernization with a Healthcare Data Fabric

Today, IMT is ushering in a new era of data management by introducing IBM Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D) as an important strategy for a healthcare data fabric to democratize, secure and share health data. 

A Data Fabric is a digital framework of connected networks that collaborate to exchange data and information between data endpoints. This fabric serves as a fundamental mechanism facilitating the encounter of information and services, that have the power to change healthcare technology as we know it.

Establishing a data fabric architecture enables the full breadth of data management capabilities including integration, discovery, governance, curation, and orchestration. You can read more about how IBM CP4D delivers the right solution for interoperability, security and governance in our eBook here.

IMT’s strategy for a modern data fabric architecture includes these components within IBM CP4D, managed as a single cloud-hosted solution:

  • IBM Data Stage addresses data integration and data quality challenges to optimize processes to improve patient care, access and population health initiatives.
  • IBM Match360 leverages machine learning-powered matching and self-serve access to consolidate data from disparate sources to create 360-degree views of patients, providers and other healthcare entities
  • IBM Knowledge Catalog automates the management of data lifecycles with governance, lineage and capabilities for collaboration.

In this blog series, we will focus on the first data fabric component – IBM Data Stage.

How IBM DataStage can solve your data quality and integration challenges

IBM DataStage is an innovative solution is designed to tackle data integration challenges head on and streamline processes with the healthcare sector, ultimately enhancing efficiency and data management capabilities.

IBM DataStage dynamically and intelligently orchestrates data across a distributed landscape, to create a network of instantly available information for data consumers. It moves and transforms data between operational, transactional, and analytical target systems to provide enriched and tailored information for your enterprise.

  • Integrate – Connect to various healthcare data sources, including EHR (Electronic Health Record), patient databases, imaging systems, and billing platforms, pulling data for integration.
  • Transform– Standardize data from different formats, structures, and sources into a unified format, ensuring consistency and accuracy.
  • Profile and Cleanse– Profile data to identify patterns and sources of data quality issues for cleansing and rectification.

Elevate your healthcare enterprise with IMT’s cutting-edge integration solutions powered by IBM’s DataStage. Optimize your data integration processes, ensuring accuracy and reliability in patient information. Take the leap towards seamless data integration, transformation, and quality checks. Empower your healthcare professionals to provide top-notch patient care and make informed decisions. Revolutionized your data landscape- Act now for a healthier, data-

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