Creating a Single View of the Client

Mergers & acquisitions, efficient marketing campaigns, and getting the most out your CRM systems all rely on the same thing: an effective client registry. Client registries, also known as customer data integration (CDI) hubs, let you collect and synthesize information from across lines of business to provide a single, trusted version of your clients.

Understanding when clients have multiple open contracts gives you the insight to recognize risk, consolidate licensing/contracts and better assess who your high-value customers really are. Linking prospect and client data further gives you the ability to track the success of your marketing campaigns, and it lets you target new business opportunities within your current customer base.


  • Compile data from multiple CRM applications into one list
  • Reduce risk by having a complete picture of the client
  • Recognize high-value customers and their network
  • Eliminate duplication in prospect/marketing mailing lists
  • Renegotiate multiple small contracts into larger, enterprise deals
  • Identify overlapping customers during mergers and acquisitions

    IMT uses the IBMⓇ InfoSphereⓇ MDM products to develop client registries that bring your highest-value data from across systems and lines of business. We give you the knowledge to make faster, more informed strategic decisions.

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