Discover Non-Obvious Relationships and Persons of Interest

The challenges that agencies face in predicting and preempting criminal activity today are daunting. New data is created at an increasingly exponential rate and the methods of hiding identities are becoming more sophisticated. Criminals’ relationships to organizations and groups no longer have geographic or border boundaries.

An effective intelligence solution faces two challenges in predicting and preempting criminal activity:

  • To uniquely and unambiguously resolve the identity of any individual and to have a 360-degree view of this individual across all data sources and identifiers. Simply put, you need to link individual records together to one identity. The challenge is to avoid linking records in error or creating false positives.

  • To discover non-obvious relationships and link an individual identity to other identities, organizations, groups, households, etc. These relationships are often hidden and the challenge is not seeing a relationship and missing a linkage—creating false negatives.


As a Premier IBM Business Partner, IMT uses the IBM InfoSphere software platform to solve these challenges for law enforcement and intelligence agencies.

Identifying Individual Persons Of Interest

The IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management platform uses extremely sophisticated probabilistic matching algorithms to create a single source of truth for an individual. It gives you a 360-degree view of the individual across all source data, linked to all relevant identifiers. Powerful data analytics and data stewardship tools ensure that an extremely low number of false positives are created.

Discovering Relationships

The IBM InfoSphere Identity Insight platform solves the problem of false negatives.

Identity Insight is an advanced entity analytics solution with sophisticated recognition algorithms optimized to help predict and preempt criminal activity of nefarious individuals and organizations in spite of their sophisticated attempts to mask their identity, their unscrupulous relationships and their activities.

In addition to discovering these hidden relationships, Identity Insight supports complex event processing to evaluate all transactions of an individual and, optionally, of associated entities such as other individuals or organizations. This process is designed to mine the overall information landscape in real time, bringing to light all of the associations and occurrences involving the same person or a group. If a questionable situation or pattern is detected, the system proactively generates alerts.

IBM InfoSphere I2 For Data Visualization And Exploration

The IBM InfoSphere i2 application helps agencies collect, integrate, analyze, visualize and distribute information to officers virtually anywhere—in operations centers, investigative offices, on patrol or at a scene—while sharing information with other parties.

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