Advanced Analytics and Reports for IBM MDM

A comprehensive platform for storage, transfer and visualization of master data analytics

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You’ve invested a lot in your data. It’s time to manage that investment.

Insight:ID™ is a comprehensive and consolidated solution that delivers KPIs to your business on the state and health of your MDM/EMPI solution. The modular and extensible solution delivers immediate results and allows for future needs.


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Enterprise Metrics

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Stewardship Metrics and Trends

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Data Quality

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Entity Analytics

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Download & Share

enterprise metrics

Enterprise Metrics

Understand the composition and integrity of your master data set.

entity score distribution

Entity Score Distribution

Identify possible data quality issues from trends in matching scores.

record completeness

Record Completeness

Monitor source data quality and completeness at a glance.

record activity

Record Activity

Know when it’s time to clean up inactive or deleted records.

task score distribution

Task Score Distribution

Watch for signs for a threshold review.

task resolution outcome analysis

Task Resolution Outcome Analysis

Forecast the impact of threshold changes on task volume.

What’s unique about Insight:ID™

Historical trend analysis and KPIs


Report on resolved tasks and past decisions

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Separate platform – no performance impact

Your bridge to complex analytics and automation

Insight:ID™ is the only solution to deliver meaningful management insights against master data quality and governance performance over time.

The framework provides the foundation for future machine learning and complex data science analytics to take you into the next decade.

Insights into historical outcomes, record activity and current task volumes provide the necessary inputs for IMT’s Automated Task Resolution solution.

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