How a Next Generation “Health Data Hub” is Different from Traditional EMPIs

Traditional vs
Next Generation EMPI

Traditional EMPI stakeholders have been focused on data records management and technology to deliver a single view of patient for operational purposes by HIS, EMR and HIEs.

But in the new world, health data management focus needs to transition from a single domain to multiple domains and use cases to deliver a powerful, shared and collaborative platform.

A Next Generation Health Data Hub is a foundation for multiple stakeholders to exploit the full potential of key master data for both operational and analytics purposes while respecting governance and stewardship requirements.

traditional empi
health iDM infographic

Data Focus – Build an E.H.R. or H.I.E.

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Service Focused – “Know Your Patient or Client”


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Operational & Analytical

Single Owner, Domain and Style

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Multiple Owners, Domains and Styles

Limited Data for Identification

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Expanded and Externally Enriched Data

Internal Consumers of Data

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Internal Consumers of Data

Role / Task Type Based Stewardship

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Intelligent Data Stewardship (AI, ML)

On Premise / Healthcare Application

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Cloud / Data Hub Platform

How do I get started?

Our 1-2 week QuickStart engagement process allows you to see your data in the new Health:iDM data hub to ensure your investment in your data to date is preserved.

Your ROI analysis provides a roadmap to understand and communicate the benefits and returns for your next generation intelligent health data hub.

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