Patient and Provider Registries (Master:ID)

Master:ID is the core of our business at IMT. Master:ID is an industry-proven solution for creating a single, trusted view of the patient and provider data that is most critical to your business.

The first step towards creating an effective eHealthcare infrastructure is to master your patient and provider records. Mastering your records means creating a single point of reference where your existing systems can meet, handle duplicate records, and reduce data quality errors—all while adhering to your data governance policies.

Master Data Management (MDM) gives you the right foundation for patient portals, 360-degree views of the patient, and health information exchange infrastructure. Traditionally, this is called an enterprise master person (or patient) index (EMPI). We use the IBM® InfoSphere® MDM Standard Edition (formerly known as Initiate) platform, the healthcare industry’s leading EMPI tool.


You have a variety of deployment options for Master:ID that are designed to fit your budget, resource constraints, and IT platform preferences. Master:ID can be deployed in the following ways:

Master:ID MDM Appliance. MDM Appliance leverages IBM InfoSphere MDM Standard Edition with preconfigured data models, standard integration hooks, and advanced reporting features in a hardware device that literally “snaps” into your IT infrastructure. It takes less than 4 months for MDM Appliance to get up and running. The Master:ID MDM Appliance is built upon the best practices we have developed from over 60 successful implementations. Your purchase includes implementation services, software and hardware licenses, and 3 years of maintenance and support from IMT’s certified team of specialists. Read more about Master:ID MDM Appliance.

Master:ID Classic. The Classic solution starts with the same foundation of IBM InfoSphere MDM. It is deployed on your own hardware and tailored to fit your specific business needs. Our implementation consultants work with your team to configure the data model, integrate data sources, and tune the matching & linking engine in the EMPI to your needs. Additional MDM Powered Applications can be incorporated to help you maximize your investment in Master:ID Classic.

Master:ID Cloud. Everyone is talking about “the Cloud” these days. Master:ID Cloud lets you to harness the power of IBM InfoSphere MDM Standard Edition without managing the hardware. Through secure, encrypted channels, your patient and provider data across systems can be scanned for duplicates, get matched, and be returned as a single list.

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