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Why IBM MDM v11.5 is a Game Changer

November 6th, 2015 is the scheduled release date for the latest version of IBM InfoSphere MDM, version 11.5. IBM has been working on Master Data Management (MDM) for a long time now.  Through acquisition, research & development, and customer focus groups IBM has found a new balance with IBM InfoSphere MDM v11.5.  Formerly disparate technologies are integrated seamlessly with new deployment patterns and accelerators based on real-world use cases.  Big Data and Cloud offerings are maturing, broadening scope, and simplifying deployment.  These advancements all lead to one conclusion: IBM MDM v11.5 is the right platform, at the right time.

Here is a list of enhancements found in IBM MDM v11.5:

  • Management of MDM hierarchies and relationships in Stewardship Center; increases the governance capabilities of MDM data.
  • Clinical Hub query builder for Healthcare; builds queries that combine different clinical and demographic criteria and conditions.
  • Easier deployment on SoftLayer; pure application patterns enable deployment of new MDM instances in minutes.
  • Easier integration to cloud applications; MDM Cloud connector integrates cloud applications with on-premises MDM.
  • Complete view of products through Product 360 solution; provides for the most complete master view of product data across the enterprise.
  • Streamlined installation; installation process and new web and console modes simplifies installation on platforms without GUI.
  • Broader platform choices for InfoSphere Big Match for Hadoop; support added for IBM Open Platform with Apache Hadoop and Hortonworks Data Platform.
  • Rich media, digital asset management solution enables effective digital asset management

It’s safe to say that the demand for Master Data Management, or the need to see a single, complete, and trusted view of your “customer,” is still a problem that faces every single organization and industry – even as MDM nears its 25 year anniversary.  The past decade has shown overall growth for MDM, even while the global economy weathered some stormy moments.  However, MDM traditionally seems to only resonate with certain key industries, namely Healthcare, Banking, Insurance, and Government Services.  New features that support Big Data and Cloud offerings are ripe for pulling in new clients and industries, while continued development into Relationships/Hierarchies and Clinical Hub query features extend existing capabilities of current customers.

With key investments in Big Data integration that now support Hortonworks, IBM Open Platform and Apache Hadoop the “Big Match” offering stands to garner the attention of new clients who are less bound to an “All Blue” architecture.  Cloud integration through the IBM Cloud Connector streamlines the process of getting MDM to participate in the cloud, while still providing secure access to approved users.  Even the announcement of IBM SoftLayer support means that standing up a new environment can be done in minutes instead of days.  All of these elements combined make IBM MDM v11.5 the most complete MDM solution to date.

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