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When Simplicity Pays Off: Patient Identification

Healthcare systems are united in their struggle to achieve the Triple Aim: transform processes to create a consumer-centric care model, innovate to stay financially viable, and better serve their communities. But achieving these goals has one consistent requirement—you must accurately identify the patient.

Olmsted Medical Center in southeastern Minnesota is advancing their Triple Aim goals by simplifying their approach to patient identification. For over five years, Olmsted has partnered with IMT to better identify their patients, innovate and transform processes, and measure improvements in patient identification. To date, their patient identification results are outstanding! Seamlessly integrating a premier patient search algorithm with Resolve:ID into the patient registration process has paid dividends beyond Olmsted’s expectations. As a result, Olmsted has reduced the staff time required to address duplicate medical record numbers by more than 75%, and reduced data quality issues by 77%.

By improving (and simplifying) patient identification, Olmsted is now:

  • Presenting the correct data to the patient, which safeguards data privacy and improves patient satisfaction
  • Preparing accurate, consistent data for the data warehouse and ultimate use in analytics, population health, research, and other functions
  • Reducing the staff burden of correcting medical record numbers, empowering staff to spend time working on more vital data quality measures
  • Improving billing efficiency, which avoids patient frustration from duplicate or delayed billings and improves cashflow
  • Alerting registration staff to data irregularities that may indicate fraud, identity theft, or other data issues

We’ve all talked about “keeping it simple” as a key way to improve processes and create better understanding. But putting simplicity into practice is a key part of Olmsted’s success. The premier patient search algorithm (Resolve:ID technology) was easily and seamlessly embedded into the patient search process, instantly displaying results to registration staff. And, because it’s so intuitive, it takes just one hour of training to enable registration staff to then demonstrate proficiency.

Please join IMT and Olmsted Medical Center as we discuss how they’re benefiting from their investment in EMPI and Resolve:ID technology for fast, efficient, and accurate patient search. Keeping it simple has never been so simple — and effective!

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