Unlock The Digital Front Door For True Consumer Engagement

How better patient data improves engagement and outcomes

Consumer engagement is becoming a competitive must among healthcare organizations. You may have already experienced it through self-scheduling, wellness reminders, portal access, or alerts for your own health.

But the goals of consumer engagement go far beyond more satisfied customers. Many organizations now see consumer engagement as a way to achieve other goals, including:

  • Increased revenue from patient loyalty
  • Improved care coordination with patients and caregivers
  • Better patient satisfaction scores
  • Decreased costs through more patient self-service and automation

In this podcast, Leveraging Healthcare Data to Serve as a Foundation to the Customer Experience (part 1 of 3 of our series with Semarchy, our technology partner), Lorraine Fernandes, President of the International Federation of Health Information Management Associations (IFHIMA) chats with Deanna Nole, IMT Director of Solutions & Marketing to discuss how putting existing data work to achieve their engagement goals as consumers, not just as patients.

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Key takeaways & resources:

  • Achieving consumer engagement takes a single trusted view of the patient that links all care settings, systems, and domains. Before you can start using advanced analytics to identify chronic conditions or automatically process appointments or prescriptions, you must make sure you have the right patient record to link across encounters, appointments, clinical history and billing activities.
  • An intelligent data hub like IMT Health:iDM can deliver this single view while applying your existing data governance policies, ensuring data is secure and visible only to those with appropriate access.
  • IMT Health:iDM incorporates Semarchy xDM’s flexible, agile and rapid development capabilities with native REST APIs and standard healthcare integration options so that you can easily create new golden views or “digital front doors” to address ever-changing consumer expectations across all your health system.

Here, you can read more about how IMT Health:iDM differs from traditional EMPIs to provide these new, dynamic functions.

Stay tuned for additional podcasts on the impact of recent healthcare legislation on information sharing and access, and important stewardship and governance for today’s healthcare data challenges and opportunities.

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