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To Enhance, Not Replace

One of the biggest misconceptions that we hear when meeting with law enforcement and justice agencies is that we are proposing a replacement to some part of their existing infrastructure. Nothing can be further from the truth. The IMT Intel:ID solution is not a replacement, it is a stand-alone enhancement. Data from across your enterprise is ingested into Intel:ID appliance for matching records (entity resolution) and for accepting known relationships and finding unknown relationships (non-obvious relationship detection). In addition, alerts can be set up and processed by the complex event processing (CEP) engine.

The solution incorporates a dynamic Resolved Identity Repository that can be used as a platform for all knowledge-based applications and can integrate with other enterprise systems through a wide variety of protocols and technologies. As a ‘back-end’ application, Intel:ID processes all incoming data and makes the outcomes of the resolution available with the supported Entity Explorer or through the i2 Analyst Notebook plugin. You can also create a comprehensive dossier or mobile application using the supported UI framework to consolidate information from across your enterprise including mugshots, gang intelligence or other intelligence information not otherwise available in a single view, including OSINT and HUMINT.

The Intel:ID license agreement does not limit you to the number of production environments either so you could have one environment supporting your main Intelligence-led policing initiatives while another environment can be restricted for one-off inquiries or task forces where external data is required. IMT Intel:ID also comes bundled with our own open-source Natural Language Processing (NLP) trained to extract person names from existing repositories of unstructured or textual information.

We will be presenting at the IBM THINK conference in San Francisco:

IMT Intel:ID—Uncover Hidden Intelligence and Improve Officer Safety. Moscone South, Level 3 – Room 301 Thu, 14-Feb 05:30 PM – 06:10 PM


Law enforcement agencies are continually being asked to do more with less. Several agencies are currently undergoing significant IT modernization improvement initiatives to help them achieve organization-wide transformations. The IMT Intel:ID Appliance allows agencies to consolidate all data into a single repository that provides entity resolution and non-obvious relationships through the process of context accumulation. Linking data in real-time, establishing relationships and making that information available on mobile applications ensures that officers have critical information available to them to increase officer safety.