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IBM Healthcare Data Fabric eBook

In this eBook, learn about key drivers and benefits of a Health Data Fabric to improve analytics, interoperability, and increase efficiency and accuracy when managing health data with IBM Cloud …

Health Plans & Payers Need MDM for Better Operations and Analytics

IMT solutions for Health Plans & Payers deliver the 360 views of member and providers critical to accurate and efficient claims processing, analytics and member engagement

New Priorities for Provider Data Management

Modern provider data management requires expanded capabilities and collaboration

Next Generation, Intelligent MDM Empowers Health Plans & Payers

Efficient and Accurate Claims Processing, Member Outreach and Provider Network/Contact Management Demands a Next Generation Platform

Fact Sheets
IMT Health:iDM For Provider Data Management

Health:iDM for Provider Data Management delivers the robust all-in one platform you need for today’s provider data complexities and opportunities.

Webinar Replay: Data Governance Strategies for Protecting Sensitive Data

Last week, Data Sentinel co-founders Mark Rowan and Kevin Downey joined IMT’s Corrine Blair for a short webinar to explore data governance strategies for sensitive data handling.

WEBINAR: Sensitive Data Protection – A critical component of your data governance strategy
“Know Your Citizen” A Critical Foundation for eGovernment

An eGovernment strategy has become an important part of virtually every government whether it be municipal, county, state/provincial, or federal. Governments are under constant pressure to deliver significant cost savings …