MDM Powered Applications

MDM Powered Applications

What can you with your data once it has been mastered? We get this question a lot. Everyone knows the value of cleaning up your data, removing duplicates, and creating more complete and trusted versions of your enterprise data. But how can you leverage your mastered data in a way that’s truly transformative?

Let the IMT team of certified software developers leverage your data to create MDM Powered Applications. MDM Powered Applications are tools that are tailored to your needs, using your business governance rules and enabling your organization to embed the capabilities of master data management into your most core processes.

In the past 10 years, IMT has extended the capabilities of our clients’ MDM environments by building solutions that solve some of their largest identity-related data issues.

Examples of MDM Powered Applications

Order Queue Manager (OQM)—This MDM Powered Application maps outstanding lab and radiology orders to the correct patient and physician during the routing of the initial order and the results. It helps ensure that the correct tests/procedures are administered without duplication to the correct patient.

Resolve:ID—This MDM Powered Application allows registrars at a hospital or ambulatory services center to look up patient records in the EMPI seamlessly, even if they are using a legacy system that does not support direct integration to query outside systems. Not only does this lead to a reduction in duplicate records, but to a reduction in the amount of time it takes to register a new patient that’s already known by another department within the network.

Customized Solutions—IMT has built solutions for our clients from data stewardship applications that leverage IBM Business Process Manager (BPM) to add a seamless layer of business logic to the task resolution process. We’ve also created solutions that help streamline and simplify the threshold analysis process within master data management.

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