Legacy Data Migration & Archival

Migrate and retain data from decommissioned systems

Comply with data retention policies for health data or make data that was not migrated to your new systems (EHR, data warehouse, EMPI) available for care continuity in a cloud hosted archive.

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Single platform EHR migration has left data stranded in legacy systems, and data retention policies require ongoing access and protection of that data. IMT can help you migrate and manage archived data repositories with access methods that suit your policies, in a more cost-effective way.

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Data extraction and migration

We extract and migrate legacy system data to flexible, secure data storage in the cloud, with purpose-built interfaces designed for your specific needs.

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On-demand access

Lift and shift your legacy application stack to AWS with efficient system startup and shutdown utilities that allow you to conserve runtime resources, and only incur charges when the system needs to be accessed.


Production-level Security

Even after you have removed production level use from your legacy systems and data archives, you need to protect that data as if it was production level. We can help you isolate and secure your data so you can be sure it remains safe from unauthorized access.

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Maintain interoperability

Avoid interruption in care continuity and continue to offer access to clinical history that was not migrated to the enterprise EHR to querying systems or retain an on-demand EMPI with historical linkages.

Health Data Archival & Migration in the Cloud Enables

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Care Continuity


Retention Policy Compliance

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Operations Costs

The Benefits

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Reduce license, infrastructure and maintenance costs of retaining production system installations by archiving just the most critical data.

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Increased access to data for research or historical audits with fit for purpose APIs that span existing and emerging health data exchange standards (HL7, FHIR, etc.).

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Augment strategic EHR data with legacy data not previously migrated due to time or cost tradeoffs, and deliver a more complete patient record to clinicians.

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Reduce hosting costs and pay only when system is running or accessed, rather than incurring costs for rarely accessed, always-on applications.

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