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Expand the reach of your data to deliver trusted analytics

Aggregate your data to gain important, actionable insights across EHR, clinical notes, reports and personal health data.  IMT will design the best solution given your current challenges to help you meet your desired outcomes.

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As an AWS Solution Partner in Public Sector and Healthcare, IMT applies our deep experience in health data management, integration and analytics to deliver cloud-native solutions that deliver scalability and agility to your organization.

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Flexible and scalable data repository

Collect and store structured data from your applications alongside non-structured data from streams, documents, and data feeds. By combining a variety of data types relating to the same patient in a single place, you increase the breadth and quality of your insights and analysis.


Practical advice on ML and Analytics toolkits

We advise on the right analytics toolkit to use for the insights you want for clinicians, researchers or physicians and implement machine learning models designed specifically for healthcare data challenges.

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Reliable and transparent data cleansing

EHR data can be cleansed, transformed, and classified quickly, easily, and iteratively and a data catalog allows multiple stakeholders to understand data provenance and context in a common way.

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Text extraction and natural language processing

Extract valuable information from encounter notes, allowing further insight and analytics when combined with the EHR’s structured data.

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Cloud based for rapid results

Ramp up in a matter of weeks, not months and focus on integration, cleansing, refining extraction models, and analytics out of the gate. Quickly and easily build experimental solutions with proofs of concept in the cloud.


Secure “data island”

Impose strict limits on access to sensitive data, including measures that minimize the possibility of data exfiltration. Control access from public networks or non-essential services using access controls, certificates, and MFA.

Our Data Lake Solutions Include

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Solution Benefits


Assess the impact of alternative lower-cost treatments for patients with specific clinical conditions by augmenting data extracted from the EHR with treatment notes.

unlock actionable insights

Analyze cohort health trends, outcomes, and costs to identify the most appropriate intervention and choose better care management options.


Gain a more complete picture about a patient’s medical procedures, medications, and dosages by including details previously locked in clinical notes.

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Access complete data with preferred BI tools, while enforcing governance rules to ensure role-appropriate data visibility.

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Leverage data analytics functions with actionable intelligence by patient cohort and other groupings.

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