See How We’re Prioritizing Innovation at HIMSS 2018

If your inbox looks anything like mine, it’s flooding with official HIMSS announcements, details on adjacent conferences and events, vendor invitations, and more. It’s overwhelming. But to make the most of your time, it’s best to think through your goals – particularly what you want to learn. From there, it’s easier to fill in the gaps with other sessions or events.

It’s clear from the keynote topics and conference tracks that a few topics remain front and center in everyone’s minds: transformation and innovation, consumer engagement, workflow and change management, and interoperability. These same 2018 priorities drive IMT’s planning and product direction, as well as service delivery, for our clients throughout the US and Canada, the UK, the Middle East, and beyond.

During HIMSS 2018 we will be focusing our conversations on these key topics.

Workflow, Consumer Engagement, and Customer Satisfaction. When working with IMT, our customers share their challenges in better serving customers/patients in the rapidly evolving healthcare ecosystem. We keep hearing consistent goals:

  • Customer satisfaction must receive greater attention
  • Workflow optimization is a prudent use of financial resources, and reducing process redundancies is essential
  • We must strive to better engage consumers – because engaged consumers embrace wellness, learn how to better manage health plans with high deductibles, and become educated about their cost and quality options

With these goals in mind, we developed and deployed IMT OQM™ to seamlessly and quickly integrate consumer demographic and clinical data. During our HIMSS meetings, we’ll share the successes of Cabell Huntington Hospital’s use of OQM, achieving a 40% decrease in wait times. Patients and clinicians are happy, as time is a precious commodity, and lab results are now more readily available. The implementation also helped reduce redundant work that creates higher costs and staff dissatisfaction.

Connected Health and Interoperability. Accurate, consistent patient or provider matching at the point of registration is at the crux of healthcare’s evolutions. Connected and interoperable data must be real time to help healthcare become truly consumer oriented and wellness focused, and meet value-based reimbursement goals. Organizations can no longer rely on delayed back-end processing of demographic data, nor can they postpone linking clinical and financial data to support analytics and population health. Resolve:ID™ with multiple deployment options, supports the time sensitive, real-time data needs of today’s healthcare systems. Our customers have seen a 70-90% reduction in potential duplicate medical record numbers with the deployment of Resolve:ID. This translates to far fewer staff needed to resolve data discrepancies on the back end. This allows you to reallocate these resources to provide more value-added work. Our customers save time and money—a solid, long-standing goal.

Innovation. IMT embraces innovation with a focus on how we can simplify the Master Data Management (MDM) deployment while reducing the software’s cost. We offer Master:ID™ Cloud and Master:ID Appliance to accelerate initial deployments or provide a new approach as customers aim to reduce the day-to-day burden on their resource-constrained IT organizations.  These deployment styles free up an organization’s scarce IT resources to address more strategic and operational priorities of the healthcare organization while IMT supports the technical operations of Master: ID.

During HIMSS 2018, we’d love to meet with you to discuss your goals. Schedule an appointment by contacting Paul Bays ( or John Wieler (  Join us at our reception Wednesday, March 7 at the Venetian AquaKnox. We’ll explore our products that support key industry priorities while enjoying refreshments and hors d’oeuvres. Contact Verena at  for details or go directly to the invitation.


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