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REPLAY: Know Your Voter – Recorded Webinar

Federal Elections are loud, boisterous affairs… we may stop talking to some of our relatives for a few months or we may bond deeply with friends over our favorite candidates on Facebook. But even with all the attention that Federal Elections receive, voter turnout earns barely a passing grade. In the 2015 Federal Election in Canada, the clash between Harper’s austerity and Trudeau’s optimism generated the strongest voter turnout in 20 years. 68.3% of Canadian electors voted in the Federal Election that year – up nearly 10 points from the 2008 58.8% turnout. But those turnouts are for Federal Elections. Provincial and Municipal elections rarely turn out the vote as strongly.

There are many reasons for low voter turnout. Inconvenience of polling places, general lack of interest, difficulty finding childcare, and feeling like one’s vote won’t make a difference all contribute to the litany of excuses we make for not voting. But sometimes it’s even as simple as not being registered to vote or not knowing where the constituency you live in is supposed to vote. Luckily for voters, those last two problems are easy to solve.

On April 11th IMT hosted a Webinar for Elections officials across Canada to explain how our Voter Registry solutions can help bring voting into the 21st century.

In this hour-long recording of the event, you can learn about how a Voter Registry solution is able to leverage inputs from multiple systems to create a single, 360 degree view of the voter, with the most up-to-date information on which constituency a voter belongs to, the ability to register voters as a part of other services (like a Student registration at University or while getting a new driver’s license at the DMV), and mobile apps that allow a voter to check in at the polling station with the scan of a QR code.

Watch the Recording

These innovations drive toward making the voting process faster, simpler, and more resistant to fraud while maximizing a citizen’s ability to participate in elections, even when registering at the last minute.

We invite you to watch the recording and if you like what you see, please contact us at to schedule a full product demonstration.