Connect with us at CACP 2015 in Quebec

Aug 17, 2015 – Hilton Quebec City, Quebec, QC:  Knowledge from Noise: Leverage your agency’s data to enhance intelligence-led decision making, officer and public safety

As intelligence gathering techniques improve, the need to filter out the noise to reveal high-value data becomes ever more critical. IMT and IBM, Gold Sponsor of the CACP Conference are offering you a unique opportunity to discuss a state-of-the-art entity resolution capability that can help your agency consolidate records, discover non-obvious relationships, establish Law Enforcement Information Exchanges, and provide more in-depth intelligence to your officers in the field.

Dave Angus, retired 31-year veteran of Toronto Police and President of INRSSL, will share his experiences in utilizing advanced entity resolution, anonymous resolution and non-obvious relationship analysis across the agency to cut through the noise without stretching your IT resources.

Please contact us if you are interested in attending:

4:30 Cocktail Reception

5:30 INRSSL, IMT, & IBM Session

To wrap up, IMT will unveil Master:ID LE, an on-premise Entity Resolution Appliance for Law Enforcement and Integrated Justice used to find, match, and link similar entities and relationships without exposing sensitive data. This cost effective solution enables quick time-to-value when consolidating internal agency data (or as part of a regional information exchange) to detect suspicious activities, create preemptive alerting and share information between departments or agencies while reducing the risk of unintended disclosure.

Please contact us if you are interested in registering for this event.  Seating is limited.