Healthcare Data Fabric

Healthcare industry drivers for modernization

Healthcare Data Fabric EBook

Welcome to the Future of Healthcare

In this era of data-driven healthcare, a Healthcare Data Fabric, powered by IBM Cloud Pak for Data (CP4D) is essential for health data modernization. Powered by IBM DataStage, IBM Match 360, and IBM Knowledge Catalog and IMT’s Integration Accelerator for Healthcare, IMT’s strategy for health data modernization, paves the way for more efficient, effective, and patient- centered services.

This suite of tools not only enhances data management but accelerates the path toward better patient care, improved access, and more impactful population health initiatives.

In this e-book, you will delve deeper into the individual components of this strategy, exploring how they work in tandem to shape the future of healthcare data management and, by extension, the future of healthcare itself.

Topics include:

  • Healthcare Drivers for Modernization
  • What is Data Fabric?
  • How Data Fabric Applies to Health Data Needs
  • Strategy for Health Data Modernization
  • A Modern Data Fabric for Healthcare
  • Are you a Good Candidate for Modernization?
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