The Value of Next Generation Data Management to Strategic Healthcare Initiatives

IMT + Semarchy xDM To Deliver Next Generation MDM to Healthcare

Interoperability in a COVID World

Interoperability in the COVID World – it didn’t have to be this way.

Tackle Your 2021 Initiatives by Bridging the Business-IT Divide

Six ways that healthcare organizations can overcome the Business-IT divide and align to achieve 2021 goals

Survey: 6 Ways EMPIs are Driving Transformation

In a typical year, we travel to client sites throughout the U.S. and Canada, talking to our clients about their most pressing challenges and celebrating their successes.

Of course, 2020 was not a typical year.

How to Enrich your Data in IBM MDM SE

By Vincent Tran – IMT Solution Architect After successfully implementing the IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management solution, our customers start to use the master data for person identification and matching …

Webinar Replay: Data Governance Strategies for Protecting Sensitive Data

Last week, Data Sentinel co-founders Mark Rowan and Kevin Downey joined IMT’s Corrine Blair for a short webinar to explore data governance strategies for sensitive data handling.

4 Ways “Single EHR” Strategies Couldn’t Stand Up to COVID-19  

Last time, we looked at how an enterprise master patient index (EMPI) can overcome the limits of an enterprise EHR. These limitations have become even more apparent during the COVID-19 pandemic.   COVID hit …

How Next Generation MDM Can Overcome the Limits of Enterprise EHRs

We hear more and more organizations moving towards a “single EHR” strategy. The logic makes sense. After all, sticking to a single vendor’s tools should help centralize your data so you can create a trusted single view of your patients’ healthcare history. 

But, in practice, it’s not that simple.

The Many Advantages of MDM on AWS

Many of our MDM customers have or are considering a move to Cloud for reasons like enhanced security, cost containment, and skill focus.

Key Points from the ONC Patient Identification & Matching Working Group

On June 1st, IMT’s Corinne Blair (Healthcare Practice Lead) and Deanna Nole (Solution Offerings Director) attended the day long ONC Patient Matching and Identification Working Group session.  This was a marathon session of almost 30 presentations from healthcare providers, policy folks and …