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4 Ways “Single EHR” Strategies Couldn’t Stand Up to COVID-19  

COVID hit fast and hard in spring of 2020, and continues to create new challenges. But as the situation unfolded, we saw how EMPIs helped our clients quickly add sources and sites. Some used EMPI data to spin up contact tracing programs, while others quickly rolled out programs to monitor employee health.

How EMPIs Overcome the Limits of Enterprise EHRs

We hear more and more organizations moving towards a “single EHR” strategy. The logic makes sense. After all, sticking to a single vendor’s tools should help centralize your data so you can create a trusted single view of your patients’ healthcare history. 

But, in practice, it’s not that simple.

The Five Key MDM Metrics You Need to Track

Your master data is a strategic business asset — so make sure you’re treating it that way. That means you should be demanding (or providing!) concise enterprise data metrics to measure MDM program effectiveness.

However, simply relying on data warehouses to extract meaningful master data insights…

The Many Advantages of MDM on AWS

Many of our MDM customers have or are considering a move to Cloud for reasons like enhanced security, cost containment, and skill focus.

Key Points from the ONC Patient Identification & Matching Working Group

On June 1st, IMT’s Corinne Blair (Healthcare Practice Lead) and Deanna Nole (Solution Offerings Director) attended the day long ONC Patient Matching and Identification Working Group session.  This was a marathon session of almost 30 presentations from healthcare providers, policy folks and …

Measuring the impact of COVID-19

Globally, every organization’s focus, both private and public, has turned to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.  Providers of healthcare services, federal governments, and state/provincial health and human services organizations have …

New Decade, New Initiatives: 4 Ways Your EMPI Enables Transformation

This new decade is full of big initiatives, which is probably why our first 2020 webcast drew lots of engaged participants. (You can watch the recording here.) We discussed the …

EMPIs combating COVID-19

EMPIs can contribute to combating COVID-19 COVID-19 now dominates our conversations, the news, and is creating reactions ranging from panic to eyerolls.  In recent days it has also brought our …

IMT Name:ID™ – Enhanced Name Screening

With regulatory compliance requirements and possible sanctions enforcement, it is no wonder organizations are paying more attention to who they are doing business with. In Canada, the Proceeds of Crime …

The Next Decade – EMPI as a Strategic Asset

Spirited conversations exploring new frontiers and compelling new uses for the EMPI were abundant in the recent IMT event “The Next Decade, EMPI as a Strategic Asset” held in Orlando …