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Olmsted Medical Center


Olmsted Medical Center (OMC), a not-for-profit organization, has been southeastern Minnesota’s hometown healthcare provider since 1949. A Core Value for Olmsted is to position and prepare the organization for the future. In 2012 OMC implemented an Enterprise Master Patient Index (EMPI) using IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Software to integrate with their existing patient registration systems. OMC added IMT Resolve:ID in 2014 to leverage active registration and reduce new duplicate patient records. olmsted medical center


The implementation of an EMPI enabled Olmsted to create a single, trusted view of each patient across the enterprise. OMC’s enterprise includes 156 clinicians plus 1,225 other healthcare professionals – serving at 18 locations, including two multi-specialty outpatient clinics, physical/occupational therapy and sports medicine facilities, a Level IV trauma hospital with 24-hour emergency room and Women’s Health Pavilion, two FastCare retail clinics and 10 community branch clinics. IMT Resolve:ID seamlessly put the power of the EMPI and its advanced matching algorithms at the fingertips of the patient registration team, allowing them to search the EMPI during registration encounters. Harnessing the single view of the patient at the time of registration, Olmsted has decreased the number of duplicate records created during registration by 73%. The EMPI also reduced the amount of time Data Stewards spend correcting issues from a little over 2 hours a day to about 1 hour a week. But the benefits don’t stop there.

ENHANCED PATIENT SAFETY – The EMPI’s expert matching of patient records improves patient safety – offering clinicians a 360° view of the patient. Rich data stewardship tools resolve duplicate records and
overlays (overwritten records) quickly and effectively.

INCREASED STAFF EFFICIENCY – Patient registration times have fallen 75% and OMC’s enterprise patient view means better hand-offs, more effective referrals, timely access to information, and improved patient processes (not to mention less paper consumed).

TRUSTED CLINICAL INFORMATION SHARING – OMC clinicians now have expanded access to more complete clinical information. The EMPI verifies the identity of each patient up front – allowing OMC to better coordinate care, exchange data, and support provider referrals.

IMPROVED GOVERNANCE – Coordinating HIPAA needs, HIEs, Meaningful Use, Population Health and Identity Theft Prevention is complex. OMC’s EMPI provides the tools and foundation for Data
Governance and the safety and security of compliance.

DEEPER INSIGHTS – OMC has been metric-focused from the onset. The EMPI ensures that trusted data is moving downstream to support analytics efforts and prove ROI.

“EMPI and Resolve:ID have helped us exceed the ONC 2024 target of <.01% patient duplication ‐ 8 years ahead of schedule. Further, Active Registration with Resolve:ID has sped up our registration processes by 75% and reduced our data quality issues by 77%. Our EMPI has not only improved patient data integrity – we also have a trusted foundation to participate in HIE and the ability to drive deeper insights from
our data.”

Michelle Majerus, Olmsted Medical Center
Director of Health Information Management
& Information Privacy Officer
* Source: ONC “A Shared Nationwide Interoperability Roadmap” 2015 – 2024 Target is <.01% Duplication Rate


Olmsted Medical Center has more than 20 specialties and is best known for its convenient, quality personal primary care. Each year, the OMC team serves 80,000 unique patients, performs 4,000 major surgical procedures, provides care for 25,000 Emergency visits, and delivers nearly 1,000 babies. Working collaboratively with IMT, Olmsted has created a single, trusted view of each of those patients.

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