Leveraging the Personal Touch in Personal Fitness

The healthcare industry has long known about the power of an Enterprise Master Patient Index, but the broader service and retail industries have often taken an approach that is more about gathering data into Data Warehouses or Operational Data Stores with the thought that a few whiz-bang Business Analysts can coax the answers out of the data with just the right reports.  But no longer.

The Service Economy is built around developing and nurturing relationships between customers and brands.  But, how does a largescale brand help their customers feel a personal touch?  The answer is Master Data Management.

In 2018, IMT worked with our Partners at IBM to implement a Customer 360° solution using IBM InfoSphere MDM for a nationwide fitness company.  The project helped the client fulfill their vision to better know their 1 million + customers, understand how each customer engaged with them, and most importantly to identify customers who left and came back again.

Master Data Management has helped the client to understand patterns like customers who fall off the fitness wagon and return by connecting the dots between those memberships instead of treating members like new customers each time.  Seeing patterns in individual fitness cycles helps the client know when to engage with marketing, advertise a new program, and to keep the customer coming back for a personal experience.

IBM’s Bharath Chari discusses how Master Data Management was used to help transform the digital foundation at a major national fitness chain.

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