A Citizen Registry for Integrated Justice

Cooperative Justice initiatives seek to improve public safety, reduce liability risks faced by departments, reduce unnecessary delays and decrease costs through more effective information sharing between departments and agencies.

Justice departments and law agencies are all striving to solve common issues today including:

  • Paper. Courts use thousands of different forms and documents to process information through various stages of the system.
  • Choke points. Numerous “choke points” exist within current processes, increasing time-to-trial costs.
  • HIgh collapse rates. Poor alignment between available judicial time and cases ready for trial leads to significant under-utilization of available judicial time. This increases judicial stays of proceedings.
  • Duplicate rates. The duplicate rates in RMS systems impede investigations and overall case management.

The IMT Citizen Registry for Integrated Justice effectively addresses these issues. Agencies and departments can maintain their own systems and only share need-to-know information, privately and securely.

Integrated Justice

The IMT Citizen Registry is built on IBM’s InfoSphere Multi-Domain Master Data Management (MDM) infrastructure, which is the foundation for many of the most sensitive and confidential Registries in the world. The IMT Citizen Registry leverages the most accurate, trusted and proven matching and linking engine on the market, the IBM InfoSphere MDM matching algorithm.

Could You Benefit from a Citizen Registry for Integrated Justice?

With our Quick Start Assessment, we go to your site, load your client data from separate systems, build a 360-degree view of your clients, and deliver an analytics report. Find more information on our Quick Start Assessment.

Need Resourcing and Support?

IMT offers an “appliance” model for our Citizen Registry for Integrated Justice that deploys rapidly, without a large investment on your end. Find out more here.

See our presentation for more information on the IMT Citizen Registry for Integrated Justice.