Master Data Management

FOCUS ON YOUR DATA. Applications come and go, but your data stays. How many customer service systems have you gone through? Did your underlying data change significantly? For many organizations today their data is more valuable than their bricks and mortar assets. Every organization needs to think about their data, how to be good data stewards, how to manage data governance risks, and especially how to leverage and capitalize on the data you have.

We are a Premier IBM Partner in Information Management with a specialization in Master Data Management, Information Governance and Predictive Analytics.

With over 75 successful MDM projects we bring a wealth of experience and expertise and have helped clients in healthcare, insurance, government, telecom and law enforcement make their projects a success – we deliver, no excuses.

Master Data Management is about thinking differently about your information.  It is not marketing’s client information or customer supports customer database – it is the organizations client information – one authoritative client record, shared by all in the enterprise, and managed by a business unit as the data steward.

Whether it is your clients, customers, providers, facilities, organizations or any other master entity, a Master Data Management solution ensures that this information is current, has integrity, and is shared by all with one authoritative source. This builds confidence in your business units and facilitates real change in the organization.

To learn more about MDM see the Presentations and Whitepapers section and please contact us for a demonstration or for more information.

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